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Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Entry...well, sort of..

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages....welcome back.

We had a bit of a hiatus, but, with the help of the Good Lord, I am back. Granted, I was supposed to be back yesterday, but I fell asleep. So what?

Some news for everyone. I am being unbelievably lazy. I haven't gone to the gym or done any exercise. I am a tremendously lazy man. Hopefully, this ends tomorrow. No matter how motivated I may be, its hard to tell myself to get dressed and go to the gym. But, I am paying for it, so I may as well take advantage of this wonderful...whatever.

The truth of the matter is. No matter what motivation I think I need, I just need to look down and look at the incredible pregnant man and cry a little bit on the inside.

Which brings me to a point. Do not kid yourself. Everyone can stand to lose a little weight. Or a lot of weight. Even if it is just taking a walk with your loved ones, or joining a gym, or playing ball with your friends. Get off of your lazy butts.

Point Two:  I need your input. Im blindly writing here about, well, sometimes nothing. My random babblings are fun for me. What would you like to hear about? Diet? Exercise? Lifestyle changes? All of the above? Do you prefer one over the other? Maybe you have a question. Comment on a post and I will answer. I promise.

Also, I will, eventually, be opening up a sister blog to this one, for the posting of some awesome recipes for the emerging skinny people, or fat people who want to kid themselves. So keep your eyes peeled.

Again, as I have stressed to some of those who I have spoken to, thank you for reading. Whether you are in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Brazil, Israel...(I don't know anyone in Brazil, but I received some hits from there, so score.) I honestly wouldn't have been able to lose the 10 pounds and a belt notch without people cheering me on, in person, on Facebook, email, everything. I have a wonderful support system and I suggest you do the same. I now have to live up to my weight loss goals for my fans. So...thanks!!!

Now, get up and do a situp or a pushup or take a walk.

Happy Hunting.

Overcoming Bad Eating Habits - Men's Health -

Overcoming Bad Eating Habits - Men's Health -

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Break is Over!!

I hope everyone is ready for some rip roarin' new entries! Work, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and getting very sick stopped me from writing. However, I am back. 10 pounds lighter and one belt notch closer to bringin' the sexy back.

Tonight, I will be back with a brand new entry.

Happy Hunting to my dear Chassidim

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As some of you noticed, there has been a lack of entries. Don't worry. I didn't drop the whole thing and run to Dunkin Donuts. Work has been crazy and I have been getting home progressively later. I will start writing again, next week, Wednesday.

Thank you all for reading my insanity.

Happy Hunting.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

As many people know. I LOVE Bourbon. So, I will take this oppurtunity to explain something about booze and weight. Booze equals empty calories. is delicious. It makes the pain go away. Makes ugly people good looking and helps white people dance. But they are about as empty as can get.

This weekend was a perfect example of how NOT to imbibe on a diet. From Shabbos to tonight was basically Bourbon rally. I faltered. On the plus side, I realized I can really dance...

For those of you who are actually good with their diets, weekends like this are great for weight loss. Sports, swimming, taking walks. Obviously, the more activity the better.

More to be written later...have to sleep some stuff off.

Happy Hunting.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 16

Yes, I know I skipped a day...

Let us talk about an uncomfortable topic for a second. Poop. Its a great word. Poop, poo, doodie, dookie... I get happy just laughing at these words. But, I digress. This isn't about my inability to leave 3rd grade. Its about digestion. What you eat has a tremendous effect on losing weight, your general well feeling, thoughts, everything. If you eat crappy chinese food 3 or 4 times a week, you will feel like an overweight, bloated MSG ridden blob. Eat some mexican food,you most likely will become bloated and flatulent. Not a comforting thought.

But does that mean you can't eat this stuff? No. Should you eat this stuff? Well, no, but it is soooooo good. Moderation is key with deep fried General Tzao's chicken and/or a Beef Burritto (See the other day about my love of the wonderful burritto.)

A real diet should consist or proteins, carbohydrates, FIBER (I will discuss this wonderful little colon cleanser later), fats and yes, some sugars. Balance is key in a diet. Going on a pasta and bread bender may be delicious, but it is not balanced and those carbs breakdown for use slower that anything. Not only that, carbohydrates actually, in the process of being broken down, turn in to a specific type of sugar and, if not used, gets stored in that spare tire.

Get used to cutting out candy bars and sodas. Donuts and high fructose syrup juices. They make you feel like garbage anyways.

Also, get used to eating less process foods. Whole grain breads, fruits and vegetables, water. Doesn't sound enticing? Well its not. Who wants to eat tasteless veggies, boiled till the devil doesn't want to look at them? Water? Tasteless, boring.

These foods don't have to be boring. Start looking around for interesting recipes and make them. If you own a TV or just watch TV on your computer, find cooking shows. My personal favorite is Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. He travels all over the world, eating local foods that look incredible. They use fresh ingredients (no deep fried, pre-packaged, MSG filled, garbage pieces of chicken.) They use spices. Don't be afraid of spices ladies and gentleman. A lot of them have serious health BENEFITS!!! If you have high cholesterol, eat some cinnamon every day. Eating a grapefruit everyday, if you are on cholesterol medicine, actually helps you reduce the dosages, and in some cases, the entire pill out of your repetoire!

Buy yourself a George Foreman grill for meat and dairy. You can grill fish and have a nice milchig (dairy) dinner. You can grill pineapples and put them on a handmade, fresh, delicious burger. Now we're talking! Good food, done right, will always prevail to fat people like me. And, added bonuses of it being healthy works too!

Water. As boring as it is, I can't stress enough about drinking water. There are different ideas of how much should be consumed everyday. 8 glasses is good I guess, I don't know, speak to your doctor. Drinking water is incredible. It helps regulate your entire body. It flushes out bad things, helps you retain skin elasticity, helps your brain, helps you digest. It is an amazing substance.

Back to the original topic though. What happens when you need to...release that water. Or the flip side, no pun intended. Fiber fiber fiber. Say it with me FIBER. You can get this wonderful substance from whole foods, grains, vegetables, fruits, Metamucil. Get some in your system. Eating something like 23 grams of fiber daily will actually help you drop the poundage without being on the can ALL day. Fiber acts like those scrubbing bubbles from the commercials. As it passes through you, it helps clean up your digestive tract. All of the extra waste that hasn't passed through you or is stuck in your system begins to make its way out. If you are feeling sluggish, tired, can't think straight, getting sick or generally under the weather, this could actually make you feel better.

Its like having bacteria just set up shop in your gut. A lot of bacteria are terrible and begin affecting the natural Flora and Fauna of your stomach, which in turn, makes your system focus on getting rid of those nasty vermin, but takes its energy away from other things. Again, the sluggishness hit and all of a sudden, you are on the couch, burping and farting, eating nachos watching Varsity Blues or some other horrible movie because you are too lazy to change the channel because the remote is just "too far".  Time for a clean start.

Water and Fiber. Diet and Exercise. This is the only way you'll feel better.

If you are normally sluggish and tired or can't seem to beat that cold. Try 2 weeks of diet and exercise, with tons of water and fiber. The difference will amaze you. And you'll be hooked.

Good luck out there. And...

Happy Huntings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 15 Last night, I don't even remember writing that entry. I apologize for the complete idiocy. I guess not that the rest of this blog isn't ludacris, but last night was whacky. I honestly have no recollection of writing anything.


So yeah, last night the gym was closed by the time I got home from work. So I went to sleep. Sleep actuall IS important in weight loss and general health. Its kind of a "reset" and recoop from the days activities. So make sure you get your sleep. That doesn't mean sleep all day. 6-8 hours is sufficient. I usually run on less, but that is because I am a buffoon. Do not follow my lead on this.

For those of you like me, ADD has become an active part of my lifestyle. The constant tapping, the racing mind, the attention span of a gnat.A good time had by all. So working out sucks with this ADD. My inability to focus on anything, while sweating to the oldies, has become bothersome and particularly difficult. Here are some tips for that focus:

1) TV
2) Movies
3) Music
4) If you can read, go ahead, but it is difficult.

Do yourself a favor though. Don't work. Don't do your bills. Don't do anything too serious. You will equate working out with tremendously boring and horrible things. Like bills. The working out becomes a chore. So, just have fun. The boring stuff can wait.

Happy Hunting.